201908 – Windows – Apply Windows Security Patches

This article is write for system administrators who need to manually patching the windows operation system.

Microsoft release windows operation system security patches on every 2nd Tuesday. Start from 2016 Sep, Microsoft release 3 patches each months for each Windows Server OS, the update include current and all previous update back to 2016.

2nd Tuesday, Monthly rollup, security-only update =》 Update for current month
3rd Tuesday, Preview of Monthly rollup =》 Preview of next month

For a corporate, we should Pick the monthly rollup patch. And if there is sensitive or compatibility issue, go for the security only update.

Windows 2012 Update History,

Windows 2012R2 Update History,

Windows 2016 Update History

e.g. Today is 21st Aug, and we could apply July monthly rollup to a server running Windows Server 2012 operation system.

Lastest SSU for July, 2019

Monthly rollup for July, 2019

Patches could be download free from Microsoft Update Catalog:
Enter the two KB number to find the patch we need to apply for this month.

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